Why Choose Us?

At Eisen, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering quality materials to make your business more efficient. Our success is built upon value, and we strive to create long lasting relationships with our customers.

Our Mission: To exceed expectations in providing cold formed metal products to our customers.

Our Values:
  • Relationships- When you work with Eisen you’re a part of our team not just for the duration of the project, but for life. We know that collaboration and communication are essential in executing the vision of our clients.
  • Quality- We are committed to producing the most durable materials and the highest level of service in everything we do.
  • Efficiency- We want to save you time and money with our process and help you achieve your goals in any way we can.

Our Pre-Fabrication Specialties

  • Proprietary floor system, the Eisen Truss
  • Exterior metal stud wall systems with vapor barriers
  • Structural load bearing exterior and interior walls
  • Structural floor systems with Eisen Joists and decking
  • C-Stud floor panels
  • Metal roof truss systems

Benefits of Panelization

  • Steel components are assembled and fastened through an automated layout and welding program.
  • Panels may receive substructure or substrate and are ready for finishes depending on the options selected.
  • Panels are finished in a quality controlled environment by employing precise automation, facilitating the shop's ability to deliver both quantity and quality.
  • Panelization helps meet demanding schedules without weather delays.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for scaffolding.
  • Reduces waste debris and clean up costs.
  • Reduces the staging area for onsite materials.