The Eisen Joist is a proprietary, prefabricated floor system patented by Eisen. This innovative construction method provides increased efficiency and durability, while simultaneously driving down costs for our customers. In the process of creating The Eisen Joist, stock tubes are bent into precise radius dimensions using a serpentine CNC bending machine to create several competitive advantages:


  • Can be installed much quicker than similar systems.
  • Expedited fabrication times/ deliveries.
  • Decreasing overall schedule duration.
  • Ability to support same amount of load as hot rolled bar joist, but with half the amount of steel.
  • Lighter product, making it much easier to handle.
  • Made of cold formed steel.
  • Patented construction method allows dispersed load distribution.
  • Better sound ratings.
  • Patented/ UL approved product
  • Reduces labor costs due to increased speed of installation.
  • With less steel used, the Eisen Joist floor system is much more cost effective.